is an independent creative studio specializing in Motion Graphics, Animation and Illustration services based in Athens, Greece.    


Guerilla Motion Studio is a team of passionate designers/directors, and creators, with focus in animation, art direction and storytelling in motion. We have directed and produced award-winning short films and music videos. We create and produce fresh and inspiring content for commercials and advertising, corporate movies and television.


From digital creators to illustrators, mural painters and musicians, we collaborate with artists of all disciplines, who share our guerilla creative mindset.



3D Animation | 2D Animation | Stop Motion | Creative Consulting | Character Design | 2D/3D Concept Art | Modeling | Rigging | Texturing | Shading | Animation Planning | 2D/3D FX 



Nikos Radaios 

Film director | Animator

Nikos Radaios is a film Director and Animator based in Athens, Greece. He is a graduate of the department of Graphic Design of TEI of Athens and holds a Master’s degree in Digital Arts from Athens School of Fine Arts. He has collaborated with a number of cultural centers and foundations on various projects producing digital motion graphics (2D/3D), such as the Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation – MCF, the National Gallery, the Athens School of Fine Arts. He has created and directed three short animation films, “Suic” (2013), “Vitatio” (2016), “A water’s tale” (2019), which have been officially selected and screened in festivals around the world.


Eftychia Kondyli

Creative Director | Animator

Eftychia is an animator and storyteller. Her work ranges from stop-motion, 2D animation, illustration and motion graphics to video art and audiovisual interactive installations. She has created three short films Achromatic (2015), -opsia (2020) and UnboXing (2021), which have been officially selected for screening at international festivals, such as Animasyros, Chaniartoon, Balkan Can Kino, Icona Festival and others. She is working professionally as an Animator, Illustrator and Storyboard Artist in advertisement and post production.

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