GUERILLA MOTION STUDIO  is an independent creative studio specializing in Motion Graphics, Animation and Illustration services based in Athens, Greece.    


The studio was created by Nikos Radaios, an experienced animator and filmmaker. He has collaborated with the Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation – MCF, the National Gallery, the Athens School of Fine Arts, Megaron Athens Concert Hall, Animasyros and ASIFA Hellas.

Guerilla Motion Studio is a team of passionate designers/directors, and creators, with focus in animation, art direction and storytelling in motion. Our unique mixture of techniques and multidisciplinary artistic approach gets us in all kinds of creative troubles.

We have directed and produced award-winning short films and music videos. We create and produce fresh and inspiring content for commercials and advertising, corporate movies and television. But we always love the challenge of live performance and really enjoy creating animations and mapping projection for theatre productions of any scale.


From digital creators to illustrators, mural painters and musicians, we collaborate with artists of all disciplines, who share our guerilla creative mindset.


Whether you have a detailed and drafted brief or just an idea, we can help you build it and  transform it into a unique and engaging story. 

video animation services
Stop Motion 
Creative Consulting
Character Design | 2D/3D Concept Art
Modeling | Rigging | Texturing | Shading
Animation Planning
3D Animation
Lighting | Rendering
2D/3D FX | Matte Painting | Compositing

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  +30 697 5703960 | guerillamotion@gmail.com

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