"...and Julliet" (2016), 3D mapping projection

...and Julliet, 2016, is a 3D mapping projection / set design created for the 2016 theatre performance of the play "...and Julliet", written by Akis Dimoy in 1995. The work is a production of the Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation and was created in collaboration with Athens School of Fine Arts.

Screenplay: Akis Dimou

Acting: Pemi Zouni
Music: Thodoris Economou
Stage Design, Digital Scenography, Art direction : Vicky Betsou
3D modeling, Texturing and Animation: Nikos Radaios, George Farazis, Christos Mpouradas 
3D Mapping Projections: Vicky Betsou, Alfredo Pechuan
Production: ART TANK